Maria Casino makes the Slot of the Day pay better

Maria Casino has more than one way of attracting customers and keeping existing ones happy, but the slot logomariaof the day promotion has always been one of the most successful.

Not surprisingly, they decided to tap into the popularity of this campaign and extended in 2016 and potentially beyond.

Walking down the less traveled paths has its advantages and that’s why players are invited to shift from one game to the other, at the beginning of every new week.

The slot of the day is randomly selected by the customer support team and the updated information is made available on the official website. It’s easy to know what you’re getting into, but ideally players shouldn’t skip any game and participate in this campaign on a weekly basis. The Maria Casino slot machine promotions have multiple benefits and some of them appeal mostly to those who haven’t gotten the chance of making a deposit yet.

New players who have a real money account but hesitate to make an investment, can still collect no deposit free spins every single day. They need to act quickly because these are only available between 5 and 6 PM GMT, but if you are among those who apply for this free spins you will collect as many as five of them. No deposit is needed and only the resulting profits are subject wagering requirements, while players have to fund their account when they attempt to cash out for the first time.


Extra free spins can be collected by making a deposit and wagering €20 or more, with players collecting 10 of them whenever they complete these steps. Compared to the no deposit free spins which are awarded every day by playing the selected slot machine, the extra free spins will keep you waiting for 24 hours. On the bright side, you will receive them at 5 PM the very next day and they can be claimed in conjunction with the no deposit free spins.

The bottom line is that players who are active enough and abide by the rules of this special promotion can spin the reels of slot machines for 30 times without paying a dime. There also cash back offers for those who want to take your gambling to the next stage and bet significantly more money.

There is always the possibility of their betting backfiring badly and if this happens, a 20% reimbursement will come in handy. There are some limits to how much money players can collect and the ceiling is hit when players lose €50

In the long run, players can consolidate their bankrolls, by participating in selected game tournaments, which also run on a daily basis. Maria casino has such events scheduled throughout the week and the top five players will collect a share of the guaranteed prize pool.

The combined amount consists of €1500, with a third of this prize going to the winner, while the next four players share the rest of €1000. The difference between each prizes of €100, so the higher you finish in the leaderboard, the more you claim.